Art & Painting

My Works


The Winter in Seoul

The Romance of the North

Memories of Amsterdam

The Winter Park

Streets of Paris

The Winter Day in New York

The Pearl of Danube

The Beautiful Warrior

The Winter Holiday


Nothern Lights

The Holy Blessing

The Movement of Eternity

The Daybreak

The Music of Infinity

Central Park

The Snow on the City

The Human and the Eternity

The Hope

The Dance of Passion

Polar Lights

Sunrise with the Northern Light

The Queen of Universe

One Summer Eevening

The Urban Landscape. Holiday

Imaginary God

The Urban Landscape. Frankfurt Am Main

The Confrontation

The Urban Landscape. Saint Petersburg

The Mediterranean

Cadaqués. My Kingdom

Amber Kingdom

The Polar Lights Series. Part II

The Polar Lights Series. Part I

Winter Fairy Tale

My Little Sweetheart. The Portrait of Sofi

Boat Series

The Fall Catalan

The Catalan Couple in the Countryside

The Thaw in the Winter Forest

Time and Venice

The Sunset in Barcelona

The Boats Serie

The Boats Series

Holidays in Porto

Holy Cloister

St. Valentine’s Day

The New Year’s Eve

Midday Walking

The First Bouquet of Flowers

The Monastery of Kirillov

Hot Midday