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One Russian Painter in Barcelona

Hello, guys!
I am a russian painter in Barcelona and I also teach to draw in different styles: academic drawing, painting, city sketching, fashion illustration, the history of art.
My artistic career began when I was a little child. Ever since I can remember I have loved to draw anytime and anywhere: on the beach, at home, at my friends home, in public transport I made up funny stories in pictures.
In elementary school I studied different decorative crafts such as paper-mache, linocuts, application at the art studio for kids and then organized my «art classes» for my schoolmates.
Later I enrolled in an academic art school to study drawing, painting and sculpture along with my ordinary school routine.

I got a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts with a specialization in Interior, Equipment and Upholstery at the Applied Arts and Design faculty. When studying I painted a lot in oil, watercolor and pastel. I also work in tapestry and batik techniques. My works are represented in different private collections in Russia, Spain and Italy. After graduation I worked for many years as a textile designer and a graphic-designer for advertising agencies and the famous magazines such as GQ, Gala, Burda. This world of glamour and beautiful pictures was really addicting but it lacked creativity and self-expression freedom.

I moved to Spain in 2013 year and it was here where I regained my creativity. I got new ideas and plans, I began to experiment with my artistic style in different ways. I enjoy finding new forms of expression. Today I am focusing on surrealism themes with light touch of realism and fantasy.

With my paintings I try to make the life of other people more joyful and festive. I invite you to browse my virtual art gallery and buy my works.

My key exhibitions during this period are:

Artboxprojecs during Art-Basel week, Basel, Switzerland. June 2017.

I am the permanent artist in ART d’Mar Gallery. The season 2017-2022, Barcelona, Spain.

The international colective exhibition «Crossing borders» of the New Art Gallery. March 2019, Rome, Italy.

The international colective exhibition «Sacred heart of Jesus Church». May 2019, New York, USA.

The international colective exhibition «Heart & Soul» in the Hispanic cultural Arts Center. September 2019, MIAMI, USA.

The international colective virtual exhibition «CLASH» in the The Holy Art Gallery. January 2022, London, UK.

And many others…