My Bio

Russian Painter in Barcelona

Hello, guys!
I am a russian painter in Barcelona and I also teach to draw in different styles: academic drawing, painting, city sketching, fashion illustration, the history of art.
My artistic career began when I was a little child. Ever since I can remember I have loved to draw anytime and anywhere: on the beach, at home, at my friends home, in public transport I made up funny stories in pictures.



One of the beautiful moment of my artistic life will is this exhibition. It is always something cool before the Christmas time. And this is the good present by the way. Since Tuesday 21st of December 2021 I participated in the “The Small Format” exhibition in ART MAR gallery. I was their with 2 paintings: “The winter in Seoul” and “The sunny day”. The exhibition took place till the 10th of the January 2022.

During the fall 2021 I participated in an art competition organized by the famous Swiss Thompson Gallery.
The results were published in December 2021 And I am among the 100 finalists!
My 5 painting helped me in this: «the Winter Park», «Remembering Amsterdam», «the Romance of the North», «the Beautiful warrior» and «the Queen of the Universe»

My Favorite One – «The Small Format»

I Am Proud

The Collective Exhibition of «The Group Blue»